Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Life on Sand Mountain

The blowout

In the summer of 1964, I was 17.


Watching television in the early years

The first time I saw a television was in 1952 or 53 on Sand Mountain at Daddy’s Uncle Coon Hall’s house in Pisgah, Ala. 


Snowstorm of New Year’s Eve 1963

It was New Years Eve 1963, I was 16, going on 17 in about two weeks. We lived behind Charlie McAllister’s store in Cedar Switch, a rural community between Stevenson and Fackler, Alabama.


Christmas on Sand Mountain

We lived on Sand Mountain near Pisgah, Alabama in the house that my family refers to as The Paul Allen House during Christmas 1948, and I suspect that we lived in the house located behind that house that we call the New House, Christmas 1949.


The sounds heart on Sand Mountain

Back when I was a young boy living on Sand Mountain in Blow Gourd, our relatives from the cities would visit us occasionally. They always commented on how quiet it was in the country. They were used to hearing cars, trucks, and buses rumbling through the streets; horns, whistles, sirens sounding off; and people talking, laughing, and yelling at each other and maybe even a barking dog or a bird singing. Apparently after living with all the noise in the city day in and day out, they couldn’t hear the sounds that I heard every day in the country.


My business adventures

I grew up poor in Jackson County, Alabama, but it wasn’t because I didn’t have ideas on how to solve that problem.


Cotton Picking Time

I grew up in a community called Blow Gourd, on Sand Mountain, near Pisgah, Alabama. Every year in September my memory goes back to a job I had every Fall.


Memory of a Sand Mountain afternoon in Blow Gourd

We lived on Frank Shaver’s old home place near the Fred Robert’s store.


Blow Gourd Park

Sometimes I take my daily five-mile walk at a park in my neighborhood in East Ridge, Tennessee. While I was walking in the park one day, I thought, “How wonderful it is that kids have places like this to run and play and be kids.” But I also thought how unfortunate they are, that they don’t have a park like we kids had on Sand Mountain in Blow Gourd in the 1950’s.


Blow Gourd, Garden of Eden

Blow Gourd, a little farm community near Pisgah, Alabama, could of been like the Garden of Eden, when I lived there as a young boy in the 1950’s.


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