Friday, June 23, 2017
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Living Southern

Living Southern 7-10-13

It’s been sometime since you all have heard from me, and a lot has happened on my make-believe farm.


Living Southern - 03-06-13

Conversation may be the biggest lost art of all. There is little need to talk anymore.


Living Southern - 02-20-13

It’s amazing the brilliant talents that God chooses to endow upon some people. I, unfortunately, am unable to even trace a straight line, but last week I met a man who can look at a magazine clipping and flawlessly recreate a beautiful piece of furniture.


Living Southern - 02-06-13

There are many things that make country life the good life.


Living Southern - 01-30-13

Every time I get the opportunity to reflect  on my life, myself and the world I live in, I come to the same rotten conclusion:


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