Monday, June 26, 2017
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Physical demands of bass fishing

As spring approaches and the fishing continues to get better the thought that enters my mind every year is: will my body hold up allowing me to fish every day? Eight hours on the water, day in and out, requires me to strengthen parts of my body to hold up under the physical and mental stress every year.  
Being well into my 60’s in age forces me to pick my body parts that I feel needs some conditioning to continue a daily fishing routine. I suggest you all do the same but picking what needs a little strength and conditioning requires you to understand what body parts need the work. Most folks don’t realize that your hands, arms and shoulders probably take the brunt of being on the water every day. Sure, you have to be able to keep your legs strong, but the real pain falls on your hands, arms and shoulders.  
My routine of strengthening is very simple. I work my hands with those inexpensive hand conditioning spring loaded exercise gripers; these grip strengtheners are very simple to use and are something you can use while sitting and watching TV. If you spend a little time analyzing what this little spring loaded gripers affect you will realize that they work everything in your hands, arms and shoulders if you push your limits enough to strain yourself. I work both hands in sets of a hundred and do it 10 to 15 times with each hand on a daily basis. Those gripers will strain you from your hands to your shoulders giving those areas quite the workout. After you have done nearly 1500 reps with each hand, on a daily basis, you really feel the results.  
Although fishing is a recreational sport that is supposed to require just a little time to create some fun, the results you get can, many times, depend on your physical ability to enjoy your time on the water. If your hands and forearms are cramping after a few hours of fishing it certainly can take the fun out of a planned fun day of fishing. Very little money, a little time and some commitment to conditioning and you can vastly improve your chance at having a great day on the water.
Captain Mike

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