Monday, June 26, 2017
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Big baits, big fish

As our winter slowly moves on it is a time of year where size matters; at no time during the fishing year is the size of your bait more important than now! If you’re wanting to catch big, quality-bass, fish with big baits like 7 inch swim baits, ¾ oz. jigs with large trailers that give the jig a bulky look or even ¾ to 1 oz. spinner baits with large willow leaf blades. Any of these will produce that big bite.  
The thing many fishermen do not realize is that slow, lethargic and large bass pick their prey. This means that the bigger the bait the better as their feeding is very selective and large presentations entice that big fish.  I know you all have heard the old saying that this time of year (winter) you’re fishing for a few bites; I believe this is true so, if the bites are limited, the presentation of a large bait becomes even more important. Size does matter. Bass are selective, they want slowly moving baits that are easy prey. So, that large presentation can lead you to that 30 pound sack we all hunt in winter fishing.
Some of the baits that I like with large profiles are: Punisher ¾ to 1 oz. Spinner baits as they have big, willow-leaf blades that get to the bottom easily and become a great large-profile bait to slow-roll on the bottom this time of year. I also like a Tight-Line ¾ oz. football jig. When you combine that big jig with a Missile Bait D-bomb trailer or Drop Craw or big Missile Craw it will produce big bites as it really entices those big females. Don’t underestimate the power of a big swim-bait. Some of those very expensive, large swim-baits when worked slowly, along the bottom, can become your best friend. Even though these baits can be very expensive, wintertime proves their worth.  
Big baits produce big fish and you’ll have a big time on the water; you just have to get on the water to prove it!

Captain Mike

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