Monday, June 26, 2017
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Greetings from We Care, Inc. 05-17-17

Many go through life without ever knowing who they really are. They spend their time trying to be what others think they should be. Whatever your age it is time to let your hair down and just relax and be yourself.

How satisfying when you get to that place where you live life in the easy lane, knowing who you are and not worrying about who wants you to be something you are not. Who you are is between you and God. That’s it.

Live a good, decent life and keep your focus on God and His opinion of you.

We all know the Ten Commandants and as long as we remember to apply them in our daily lives self - esteem and courage will gradually creep into our being. Finally, there will come a peace like no other for we know we are living the best we can and we feel God is pleased with us. There is no peace like that our Lord gives us when we are His disciples. What a joy it is to remember Him in our daily lives; in our relationships; in how we treat others.

Sometimes bad things eat away at us keeping us from being the best we can be. Revenge, jealousy, envy, resentment can all become who we are unless we are constantly on guard against the things that deprive us of our peace. Constantly we face situations that could bring out the bad in us but we must walk away because we have faith that we are pleasing God and that’s the important thing.

There are people who will deliberately try to take your peace if you let them. Walk away. Do not let them. Give it to God. Nothing is more important than peace in our lives and keeping it there is a daily job. Satan is never far away and He never has a shortage of helpers so sometimes you may be battling more than one demon and you have to be faithful enough to stand strong.

Once you get comfortable with the Lord as your friend and a part of your life, peace will come to you and you will be strong enough to stand against any force that comes at you.

Stay strong, keep the faith and God be with you.

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