Monday, June 26, 2017
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Greetings from We Care, Inc. 03-15-17

Lenten season

Lenten season is a time for us to take inventory, a time to get rid of the junk in our lives and take a new clean start without all the weight of the negative that has been weighing us down.

Quoting Max Lucado in my Sunday School book, “He Chose the Nails,” “It is a spring-cleaning of the soul that gives us permission to take seriously the areas in our lives in which we fall short, feel deflated, or have grown cold. And it is a kindling of the soul that sparks our desire to return to God with our whole heart. . .”

“Let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. Strip down, start running–and never quit.”

Such wise words to live by.

Sometimes we get in a rut, letting our problems, many times trivial, get us so weighted down, we can see no further. Now is the time to focus on the Lord and what He has done for us and what we can do for Him.

We need to forget, for just a moment, what God can do for us and concentrate on what we can do for Him. How can we do something for Him? By doing something for some of His people. Look around you. Do you see anyone you could do something for? It doesn’t have to be someone needy. Surprise someone with a little gift, a short visit, tell someone about God’s saving grace. You will not only help someone else and make God smile but most of all you will be helping yourself for who can feel bad when you know you have made someone else feel good. Make it your mission in life to make someone feel good as often as you can thereby making yourself feel so good about yourself, knowing you are doing Gods work and that you have made Him smile down on you with Love.

Life is all about doing something for Jesus. His doing something for you will not have to be asked for. He takes care of His people but when you feel the need to call on Him you will have faith He will hear you because you have kept in close harmony with Him. How comforting to know we are in close harmony with The Holy Spirit. What confidence to go about our days knowing He is there watching over us. That knowledge solves so many of our problems, knowing He knows our needs without our having to ask.

So let’s get busy and and love thy neighbor as thy self and the goodness will take care of itself.

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