Monday, June 26, 2017
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JCC Chair talks about ATRIP

The Jackson County Commission recently held a meeting at the North Sand Mountain High School. Chairman Matthew Hodges spoke about the State proposed ATRIP II. ATRIP II is a three cent gas tax that allows for a bond to be put in place. The monies would be sent to the counties and split with cities. It would allow dollars to be put towards roads, according to Hodges. Several counties throughout the state have already voted in support of the tax, currently being proposed by the State. Hodges explained that it would be further discussed at a future work session.

Also, two items included a motion by Commissioner Jason Venable (to approve pay chart changes and a request for an additional HMT I for the Public Works Department) were tabled. Those items were placed on the next work session for discussion.

During the meeting a motion to approve the purchase of a vehicle for animal control was approved.

Hodges explained to those in attendance that several positions would be filled during the meeting. He explained that they were not new positions, only vacancies that were left vacant and needed filled. Commissioners approved the hiring review board’s recommendation to fill three temporary laborer positions.

Commissioners also approved the surplus of a lawn mower and scrap of property at the Jackson County Park; a motion to sign the 5311 agreement with ALDOT for the Council on Aging; and authorized the advertisement of a fulltime custodian position.

During the public meeting portion of the meeting, Hodges spoke about the County Park Project. He explained that the project is an investment projects and nine cabins are currently being built. There is a 15 year payoff on the project. Cabins should be finished by the first of April. The playground was recently remodeled. They expect revenues from the cabins to pay for additional projects in the park.

Commissioner Tim Guffey explained that the monies used for the park project came from the park fund, that cannot be used for anything else throughout the county.

Hodges also discussed the new county website. He explained that the website will take several weeks to complete. The plan is to post meeting minutes, agendas and videos of the meetings as well as link it to other agencies in the area.

Hodges discussed the water project grants through ADECA. He explained that they expect to apply for more grants to expand water service to the county.

In the future Hodges explained that they plan on streaming a live Facebook meeting so that citizens can post their questions live.







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