Monday, June 26, 2017
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Contract for Veterans Field approved

During the recent Scottsboro City Council meeting, council members considered and approved the Veterans Field irrigation bid and contract. The contract is in the amount of $67,500.

A bid for the Veterans Field construction project was also approved. The low bidder for the contract was Tolar Construction.

Council member Patrick Stewart stated, “I’d like to discuss how we got to this point. This is something we’ve been working on for a considerable amount of time. When it was brought to the council a year or so ago, it was indicated at that time to be a $1 million project. As you can tell, it’s went quite a bit over that. It was also brought to our attention that it was going to be retro at that time. There were several issues with the ball field. Safety of the players is one of the issues. The mayor at the time told us that he was actually looking at the City to tear down the baseball complex at one time, it really wasn’t specified, when we would be notified or if we’d vote on it or whatever. Within a week or so, it was torn down without the knowledge of any council member knowing that it was happening. I had several phone calls, I didn’t know about it. It was torn down and this is where we are today. I was president at the time, I made some committees and we were trying to work to a point of getting it started. We had no idea what the cost was going to be. Jim Olyneic and Kristine [Harding] have worked hard to find areas to cut, and I thank them for that. We are where we are today. I wish we weren’t’ over as much as we are. And hopefully with this being approved tonight, we can save. I hope we can build one that the tax payers will be happy to have 45-50 years.”

Council member Keith Smith stated, “I’m not going to get into all the details. But, one of the most important things said was said recently. I hope that we have learned a valuable lesson from this ordeal. Starting at $1 million and now we’re at $2.5 million or wherever. Secondly, I would like to see the council, do a roll call vote.”

Council members also approved a resolution for a Bynum Foundation grant. The grant, if received, will be used to construct a playground at the soccer and tennis fields across from Bynum Park. This will allow guests for games, or those using the walking trail to have a place for their children to play.

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